We have successfully completed Heavy Machining, Light Machining, Fabrication and Custom Hydraulic Cylinder projects for our clients across North America.

SCW works with Mitsubishi Waterjet Model MWX 4_612. SCW Waterjet specializes in waterjet cutting. A waterjet is a tool capable of slicing into metal or other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure. It efficiently cuts into a wide range of materials such as; steel, titanium, wood, tile, glass, and marble.

With the advancements made in manufacturing, waterjet cutting has become a preferred method of use. Our waterjet technology has the ability to cut very precise custom designs through any material, and is very helpful for industrial and architectural applications.

Whether you are looking for SCW Waterjet to cut intricate patterns or logos of sports teams or restaurants into flooring or any other architectural surfaces, waterjet cutting is one of the fastest and one of the most accurate ways to turn your design into reality.

SCW is located right Outside of the Winnipeg,101 perimeter Manitoba, a major truck-rail-air transportation hub. It means you can depend on quick and reliable deliveries wherever you are in North America. At SCW , customer service starts before you call us and continues long after we deliver your order. We conduct on-going product research to anticipate your needs, so we are ready for your call. We work with our customers to develop exactly the right products,

Our Machine List

1. HAAS SL30 Lathe
2. HAAS ST20 Lathe
3. HAAS VF4 Milling Machine
4. HAAS VF4 Milling Machine
5. HAAS VF5 Milling Machine
6. HAAS VF2 Milling Machine
7. HAAS DS30-SSY Lathe

  • Our facility

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Our facility

  • Our facility

  • Our facility

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

    We use the best quality Haas machines in our machining facility
  • Our high end facility

    Our state of the art facility
  • Hydraulic Cylinders

    A highly customized machining project for a synthetic chemical processing plant in Detroit
  • Our facility

    A successful machining project for one of our oil and gas clients

What sets our quality apart from competitors

Our Experience & Capabilities

• Can supply Customer Design in 3D Model drawings

• Can design Hydraulic Cylinders Size 1’’ Up to 8’’ in bore size up 48’’ in stroke length with all in house machining

• Design and build BIO-MASS Burning equipment

• Design and build Dust collecting Equipment

Our Facility & Machines

• Two cell station Robotic welding

• Machining Power up seven CNC machines

• CNC 9 axis Press brake with precision tooling

• CNC Band Saw 20’’X 20’’ Cutting Capacity

• CNC Rolling 120’’X 3/8’’ Mild steel material

• We use all Haas Machines

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